Facebook AR: Visual messaging is undoubtedly the most popular form of communication on social media. The trend is obviously triggered by the use of smartphones. No wonder, when a recent Boston Consulting Group (BCG) report mentions that approximately 1.3 trillion photos were clicked worldwide in 2017 and the number is almost four times the number of photos clicked in 2010. The most of the photos were taken, the report says, from smartphones.AR

That trend actually offers new promotional opportunities to the marketers and advertisers which is based on augmented reality. In a nutshell, augmented reality blends physical and virtual world so effortlessly that it blurs the line between the two worlds to offer the users a unique experience.

The Messenger platform of Facebook has recently become the early-adopters of that technology by offering advertisers an option to integrate augmented reality into their communications on Messenger. Thanks to the AR option, advertisers will be able to reach out to the 1.3 million monthly users in a more enticing and impactful manner. Brands like Sephora, Nike, Kia and Asus have already started using the Messenger to reach out to the users with augmented reality.

Thanks to AR, people will be able to visualise and even try out products. For instance, cosmetic brand Sephora in its AR communication is giving an opportunity to the Messenger users try on cosmetics. Similarly, Nike is allowing the users to try out the latest shoes.

All in all, Augmented Reality is set to become the next big thing in advertising and marketing communication. Some experts also say that it is the prequel to Virtual Reality which will revolutionise the advertising content completely. Advertisers, as a matter of fact, is betting big on AR. According to the BCG report based on the responses form more than 50 of the top 200 advertisers in the US, the marketers find great engaging opportunities in AR. “More than four out of five respondents said that AR marketing is a differentiated way to engage with customers,” says that report. So, smart marketers and advertisers, bring on AR!

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