Passion 4 Communication- Life Of PRThe job of a PR professional is to maintain cordial relations with journalists. We as PR professionals understand this more since it is not easy to crack deals with them.

We all have our sources and we all have our own ways to somehow get in touch with the right journalist at the right time. But how much do all these efforts pay off? What is the conversion ratio when it comes to turning a contact into a successful media interaction?

The answer is very simple. All we need to know is the designation of the concerned person and the proper ethics to follow as a PR professional. For example, the correct time to approach a financial journalist will be between 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

This way we can not only get a confirmed opportunity for our client but also give enough time to the journalist to have a meaningful interaction and elicit relevant and crisp answers.

You may say that there are occasions when the situation is not favorable and client-journalist meetings cannot be arranged. There could still be an option.

We could simply request the journalist to accede for a future meeting stating that the client is busy in a meeting. However, this is subject to a proper scheduling of the client and journalist.

However, in times of emergencies, such requests are normally not entertained.

The best way to make a journalist happy is to give them fresh and apt story ideas while familiarizing them with the client by providing his profile.

As PR professionals, we should value the time of our clients and journalists and realize that PR activities should be executed in a time-bound and scheduled manner. Regular bridge building exercises between clients and journalists help to break the ice and helps n consolidating relations.

An effective first-time contact helps journalists in remembering clients and can be a key catalyst in keeping the client in the public eye by regular posting of their news and activities in the media.

In a nutshell, identifying media opportunities for the client and cementing solid relationships between clients and journalists forms the basis of a successful PR strategy. At the end of the day though different individuals may have their own premise of what successful PR alludes to, good coverage and media presence for the client is what matters at the end of the day.

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